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Search academic papers, get answers, draft content.
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Sample prompts:
Does creatine improve cognition?
Write the introduction of a paper on the effects of climate change on GDP
Can intergroup contact reduce prejudice?
Draft a blog on science-backed benefits of mindfulness
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Consensus is a GPT essentially designed to provide value in academia and research. Formerly known as ResearchGPT, this tool extensively taps into a stacked library of 200 million academic papers.

Such a vast database makes it an ideal tool for users looking to get answers rooted in scientific evidence and research. Moreover, it facilitates drafting content with accurate citations, helping users adhere to necessary academic standards and saving them valuable time spent on data collection and validation.

The tool functions on top of ChatGPT, enabling an interactive and convenient way of using it. Prompts such as 'Does creatine improve cognition?' or 'Can intergroup contact reduce prejudice?' show its ability to analyze multifaceted topics and answer complex research questions.

Interesting to note is its utility as a drafting tool, for instance, creating an introductory text for a paper on climate change effects on GDP or drafting a blog on the science-backed benefits of mindfulness.

These capacities potentially make it a useful tool for writers, researchers, scientists, academics and students alike, as it can provide an efficient starting point for creating well-informed content.

Another aspect that differentiates Consensus from other GPTs is its ability to use science-based information to produce knowledge and content, thus enhancing its credibility and reliability.

It requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access. Note that Consensus is not a replacement for thorough academic research and should be used as a supplement to obtain accurate and science-based answers quickly.


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