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ByDinesh Puppala
Guiding users to create accurate citations.
GPT welcome message: How can I assist with your citations today?
Sample prompts:
Cite this journal
Format my reference list
Help with bibliography
Correct this citation
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CiteMaster is a GPT designed to guide users in constructing accurate citations. Rooted in the ChatGPT technology, CiteMaster provides a user-friendly solution to help students, researchers, and writers comply with citation standards.

It provides robust assistance on a variety of citation-related tasks. Whether you're citing a journal, composing a reference list, constructing a bibliography, or need to correct a citation, CiteMaster is set to deliver optimal solutions.

The tool is equipped with a set of prompt starters, including 'Cite this journal', 'Format my reference list', 'Help with bibliography', 'Correct this citation' which contribute towards its efficiency and effectiveness.

The CiteMaster GPT offers a warm 'Welcome message' ready to assist in citation tasks, thereby making it a reliable AI utility for academic and professional purposes.

Please note that access to CiteMaster requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, as the tool is built on top of the ChatGPT platform.


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