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Reference Generator is a GPT that supports users generating citations and finding relevant sources for their reports or assignments. By integrating with Bing, this tool can search and suggest credible sources of information, including case studies and articles that users can utilize to substantiate their work and contribute to their overall research.

Besides proposing potential reference materials, the tool also assists in the formation of reference lists. It's capable of correctly structuring citations according to academic standards, which is significant for users who need to staff their research papers or other scholarly writings, but are unfamiliar with precise citation rules or want to save time.

This GPT also allows users to upload report content or directly paste it into the interface. Based on the report's contents, the GPT will generate relevant references and guide correct citation placement within the document.

To initiate the functionality of this tool, users are provided with multiple prompt starters such as 'Find a case study about renewable energy' or 'Add References & Citations to my Article'.

These starters offer both assistance and flexibility to users depending on their specific requirements. The Reference Generator GPT, in essence, is a valuable tool for students, professionals, and academic researchers who need to source information regularly and want to ensure their referencing is correct, concise, and adheres to rigorous academic standards.


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