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Instaphrase is an AI-powered tool designed to automate the process of creating assignments and reports. With a simple description of your assignment, Instaphrase automates the research, writing, and formatting procedures, saving users valuable time.

The tool generates reports in the language and citation format of your choice, utilizing up-to-date articles, news, and academic papers as sources. It also includes a complete list of references used.

Reports can be downloaded as PDF documents for easy access and sharing.Instaphrase is powered by the RAIDEN AI infrastructure, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.

While the duration of report generation depends on the assignment's complexity and the amount of automated research required, Instaphrase typically completes reports in just a few minutes.The tool is currently in beta, and registration is open without waitlisting.

Subscriptions are available at a cost of $20 per month, which includes 20 credits. Additional credits can be purchased as needed. On average, each report generated consumes 2 credits, varying based on the complexity of the task.Instaphrase caters to a wide range of assignments across different fields, such as behavioral economics, the creative process of artists like Tame Impala, cybersecurity threats, and the impact of artificial intelligence on the automotive industry.In summary, Instaphrase simplifies the process of creating assignments and reports by offering automated research, writing, and formatting capabilities.

It provides convenience, efficiency, and accuracy for users seeking to streamline their workflow.


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