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Crafting academic essays and detailed research papers.
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Sample prompts:
Write a 550-word essay on the impacts of social media.
Develop a research paper on renewable energy sources, 1200 words.
Create an essay discussing the history of the internet, 1000 words.
Analyze the effects of globalization in a 700-word essay.
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AI Essay Writer by is a GPT that specializes in generating academic essays and detailed research papers. This application seeks to provide in-depth and reliable analysis via the ChatGPT platform, a basis on which many such applications are built.

Offering a wide range of academic-oriented applications, it can cater to varied study fields and subjects. AI Essay Writer is geared towards supporting students, researchers or interested individuals in creating comprehensive content on any given topic.

Leveraging the power of AI, this tool can generate manuscripts with precise context, readability, and depth, requiring only a topic and word limit from the user.

It incorporates extensive database knowledge, mimicking human-like writing and analytical skills and promotes efficiency and productivity by reducing the time and effort needed to produce academic or research papers.

However, as an AI, it's crucial to remember that while this tool can provide a detailed draft, it's always necessary to conduct a manual review. This is to ensure the final output meets the academic standards and the quality required by your institution or purpose.

Any changes in the quality or functionality of this GPT should be checked for on the provider's platform. Lastly, AI Essay Writer by requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for usability.


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Feb 8, 2024
what a load of CR*P

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