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ByLuis Santos
Transforming documents into publication-ready articles.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to SciScholar GPT Pro, specialized in transforming documents into publication-ready academic articles for international journals. I'm here to enhance your document's natural language for a human-like quality. Please upload your document for analysis.
Sample prompts:
I require assistance for a first draft of an academic article
Document into Academic Article
Help me Publish
SOS - I want to publish
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SciScholar GPT Pro is an AI tool built on top of ChatGPT for assisting with the preparation of academic articles. Its utility lies in turning documents into publication-ready texts that can meet the high standards of international journals.

The GPT is designed to mimic the user's writing style, which helps to maintain the authenticity of the output. This feature also plays a significant role in minimizing the detection of AI involvement, making the produced content appear naturally human-written.

The tool has a primary focus on aligning outputs with proper academic standards, reinforcing its utility for scholarly publications. Users can begin interactions by uploading their documents for analysis.

From there, SciScholar GPT Pro will start the transformation process. The tool is intended for users who might need help with the first drafts of their academic articles, requiring professional level language and structure, or who are looking for assistance all the way through to the publishing process.

The prompts such as 'Document into Academic Article' and 'Help me Publish' give users straightforward starting points to request the tool's services. As a specialized form of GPT, SciScholar GPT Pro provides elevated assistance to users in the realm of academic writing.


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SciScholar GPT Pro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 21st 2023.
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