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Simplifying dissertations, citing sources clearly.
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Combine these papers into a dissertation section
Analyze these studies for my literature review
Integrate these theories into my dissertation
Help rephrase this paragraph for my thesis
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Dissertation Synthesizer is a GPT designed to assist users in the complex and time-consuming process of composing dissertations. This GPT specializes in making lengthier dissertations more concise and ensuring that sources are properly cited according to academic standards.

It is an ideal tool for academic researchers, university students, and anyone in need of support during the dissertation composition or thesis writing process.

The GPT service aids in tasks such as combining papers into a dissertation section, analyzing studies for a literature review, integrating theories into dissertations, and rephrasing paragraphs.

The 'Dissertation Synthesizer' by providing prompt starters, helps users to simplify their dissertations and organically integrate sources. This GPT aims to streamline the academic writing process by offering targeted, efficient assistance in a user-friendly interface, contributing to accurate, high-quality academic writing.


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Dissertation Synthesizer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2024.
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