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Combining linguistics and AI for academic writing.
GPT welcome message: Greetings! Ready to craft academic introductions?
Sample prompts:
Write an introduction for a paper on climate change.
Create an introduction for research in quantum computing.
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Academic Introduction Writer is a GPT that has been specifically formulated to facilitate the composition of academic introductions. Functioning as an extension to the ChatGPT, it leverages the power of artificial intelligence to aid users in articulating solid, compelling, and academically rigorous introductions for academic papers, reports, essays, and research work.

The core strength of the Academic Introduction Writer lies in its sophisticated blend of linguistics and AI, which guides its users to draft introductions that set an appropriate framework and context required for an academic piece of work.

The functionality of this tool extends to a diverse range of academic fields and subjects, as suggested by the prompt starters provided which range from climate change to quantum computing.

To use this GPT, an active ChatGPT Plus subscription is necessary. This tool, which aims towards making academic writing more straightforward and less daunting, is accessible upon signing up on the platform provided by


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