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Expert in all academic in-text citation styles.
Sample prompts:
How do I cite a book in APA in-text?
How to do APA in-text citations? [INTEXT]
What are the basic rules for in-text citation?
What's the difference between APA and MLA in-text styles?
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Cite In-Text Master is a GPT that provides expert guidance in all academic in-text citation styles. This tool addresses the complexities and subtleties of various in-text citation styles such as APA, MLA, and more, offering a simplified and accurate solution for generating citations for academic work.

Its functionality extends from providing basic rules for in-text citations to distinguishing between different in-text styles like APA and MLA. The GPT primarily works as a prompt and response system.

It uses specific instruction-based queries to generate the required citation solution. For instance, users could ask, 'How do I cite a book in APA in-text?' or 'What's the difference between APA and MLA in-text styles?'.

Based on these instructions, the GPT will provide a respective reply. Developed by community builders, it requires users to sign up for interactive purposes, and the tool operates on top of ChatGPT+.

Overall, Cite In-Text Master is an ideal GPT for students, researchers, and academicians who frequently engage in academic writing and require consistent and accurate in-text citations.


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