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Detecting plagiarism and authenticating content.
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Copyleaks is a comprehensive plagiarism detection platform that provides accurate and fast searches across the internet and databases. It is designed to empower error-free writing and identify potential plagiarism and paraphrasing, as well as verify authenticity and ownership.

The platform offers a variety of tools to make sure content is original and detect plagiarism, including Plagiarism Detector, API Integration, Learning Management System (LMS) Integration, Chrome Extension and AI Grading.

It is trusted by leading organizations and is available for individuals, educational institutions and enterprises.The platform offers a Plagiarism Detector tool that can instantly detect direct plagiarism, paraphrased content, similar text, and verify originality.

It also provides an API Integration to seamlessly integrate plagiarism detection and content authentication into native platforms, as well as an LMS Integration to check for plagiarism from within LMS platforms.

The Chrome Extension allows users to verify what was written by a person or AI generated.The platform also offers AI Grading that allows teachers to grade essays and other written content quickly and accurately.

It is designed to make sure students don't accidentally plagiarize and provides a Duplicate File Finder tool and Text Compare tool to compare documents and texts.

Copyleaks was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fast and accurate searches
Available for individuals, institutions, enterprises
Plagiarism Detector tool
API Integration available
LMS Integration for plagiarism checks
Chrome Extension for content verification
Error-free writing support
Detects direct plagiarism
Identifies paraphrased content
Verifies originality
Duplicate File Finder tool
Text Compare tool
Detects similar text
Supports multiple languages
Empowers content authenticity
Verifies ownership
Militar-grade 256-bit encryption
SSL connection for security
Self-service platform
Strict data safety measures
Free 10 scans monthly
Extensive internet and databases search
Plagiarism Checker for various users
Used by leading organizations
Scans documents, raw text, code, URLs
API for easy integration
File Comparison Tool
Code Plagiarism Checker
Flexible API for custom integration
Works within native platforms
Tool for Bloggers, Freelancers
Searches across billions of pages
Searches across academic journals
Searches through code data repositories


Lacks offline capabilities
Limited file format support
Might miss subtle plagiarism
No bulk upload feature
Limited customization options
Potential for false positives
Dependent on internet databases
Language detection limitations
Limited free scans


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What makes Copyleaks trusted by leading organizations?
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How can Copyleaks help prevent accidental plagiarism?
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How is AI used in Copyleaks?
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Does the Copyleaks LMS Integration require coding?
What is the AI Grader in Copyleaks meant for?

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