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Organized and highlighted article text.
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Glasp is an AI-powered tool that allows people to highlight and organize quotes, thoughts, and ideas from the web. It provides an easy way to capture and store these snippets, as well as connect with other users to access their learning.

Users can curate their highlights to create their own AI models, which can be used to write with the AI models or export to note-taking apps. Glasp also provides a “Wall of Love” feature, where users can share their highlights, notes, and resources with their friends and the community.

With Glasp, users can quickly refer to important parts of articles and discover interesting content from other users’ highlights. This helps users become more organized, productive, and creative.


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Pros and Cons


Organizes highlighted text
Captures and stores snippets
Export notes to apps
Shares user notes socially
Stores parts of articles
Discover content from highlights
Aids in user productivity
YouTube Highlighter
Models for writing assistance
Readwise integration supported
Share learning via URL
Smooth UI for highlights
Connect with like-minded people
Shares community's highlighted content
Remember phrases and ideas
Easy highlight annotation
Access to various articles
Easy note export
Usage aids in attention
Mutual learning from highlights
Platform for sharing ideas
Easy copying of notes
Categorize information easily
Easy referencing for authors
Highlight feature encourages reading
Ease in revisiting highlights
Social network for knowledge
Helps in archiving ideas
Easy track of online readings
Allows seamless collaboration
Platform for reference repository


Limited note exporting formats
No support for offline use
Lack of multi-language support
No mobile application
Potential privacy concerns
Requires continuous internet connection
Lack of robust search functionality
Limited third-party app integrations
Reliant on community for content


What is Glasp?
How does Glasp use AI?
What does it mean to curate highlights to create your own AI models?
Can I write with the AI models in Glasp?
How can I share my highlights, notes, and resources using Glasp?
How can I export my notes from Glasp to other note-taking apps?
How does the 'Wall of Love' feature on Glasp work?
Can I follow other users on Glasp to see their highlights and notes?
What types of users can benefit from using Glasp?
Does Glasp have an integration with Readwise?
Is it possible to discover new content based on other users' highlights on Glasp?
Is Glasp suitable for active bloggers and serious note-takers?
How do you highlight and organize content from the web using Glasp?
Can you share your Glasp profile with others?
What is the 'YouTube Highlighter by Glasp' feature?
Can I see what others are reading on Glasp?
Is Glasp a social network for knowledge sharing?
How does Glasp fit into a learning in public concept?
Is Glasp designed to support collaboration, and if so, how?
What is the inspiration behind developing Glasp?


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