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Automated personalized email marketing.
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Mailmaker is an AI-powered email marketing tool that allows users to create professional and visually stunning emails in just a few clicks. The tool comes with built-in components such as headers, footers, text blocks, buttons, and images, allowing users to drag and drop these elements into their email designs, saving them time and effort.

Mailmaker's AI Assistant analyzes past email campaigns and audience engagement to provide personalized suggestions on optimizing subject lines, content, and send times for maximum engagement and conversions.

It also helps fix grammar errors and translates emails into any language accurately. With Mailmaker's Compose feature, users can create any type of content within seconds and change the tone, style, or length of the content with just one click, while the AI-Powered User Experience suggests design elements that best fit the message.

Mailmaker offers a wide range of modern and customizable email templates suitable for any brand, preference, or message, and advanced analytics and reporting allow users to track the success of their email campaigns.

Mailmaker's AI-powered tools streamline the email marketing process and enables users to achieve better results in less time, reducing email marketing expenses while still delivering optimal results.

The pricing model of the tool is not mentioned on their website, and users can get started with Mailmaker by signing up and registering for a free account.


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Pros and Cons


Automated personalized email marketing
Built-in email components
Customizable email design
Drag and drop interface
Content analysis for engagement
Grammar correction feature
Accurate email translation
Compose feature for quick content
Modern, customizable templates
Advanced analytics and reporting
Campaign cost reduction
Flexible pricing model
Collaboration for teams
Public newsletter profiles
Subscriber list management
Real-time email stats
Activity log for campaigns
Custom domains coming soon
Versatile text tone adjustment
Sentiment tracking in content
Supports international marketing
Real-time campaign optimization


No split testing feature
Limited template customization
Unspecified domain compatibility
AQB score not provided
Lack of direct integrations
Inconclusive delivery rate data
No built-in form creation
No direct e-commerce integration
Lacks sender reputation management


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How many emails can I send with the free and premium plans in Mailmaker?

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