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Maily Wizard is an innovative AI-powered tool that simplifies and enhances the email creation process. It offers a range of templates tailored for specific email types and allows users to generate professional HTML email designs quickly and effortlessly.

One of its standout features is the History Vault, which automatically saves all generated emails, ensuring easy access to past correspondences. With this feature, users can easily revisit, edit, and reuse their creations, streamlining their communication process.

Maily Wizard also provides a subscription option, offering users unlimited daily emails and storage for a specific period of time, depending on the subscription level.

The free version offers 10 days of saved correspondence, while the Pro version offers 30 days of memory. For users who require eternal retention of their crafted emails, the Master version provides lifetime access.With Maily Wizard, users can navigate through the email creation process effortlessly, generate impactful content, and amplify their messaging.

The tool aims to streamline communication, improve productivity, and leave a lasting impression.Maily Wizard is an AI-powered sidekick that revolutionizes email creation, providing users with an efficient and effective solution for crafting compelling emails.

By leveraging its templates and features, users can enhance their email communication and tailor their messages to fit any specific context perfectly.


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Pros and Cons


Templates for specific email types
Generates professional HTML emails
Automatic email saving feature
Easy access to past correspondences
Subscription plans available
Unlimited daily emails
Varied retention periods per plan
Master version offers lifetime access
Facilitates easy revisiting and editing
Archives every email after generation
$s/month for Pro Plan
Prevents loss of important emails
A unique 'History Vault' feature
Free version has some retention
Effortless email crafting
Improves communication and productivity
Friendly user interface
Appropriate for any specific context
Easy navigation in email creation
Helps generate impactful content
Elevates the user's messaging
Offers great value for money


Limited free storage
Subscription required for additional features
Potentially overwhelming feature set
No information on collaboration
No mentioned security features
No offline mode
Lacks advanced analytics for emails
No integrated email sending option
Doesn't have mobile application
No multi-language support

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