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ByRandy Lariar
Transforming newsletters into AI/Data insights.
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Thinks and Links Digest is a GPT dedicated to providing data and AI insights derived from Randy Lariar's weekly newsletters. This GPT serves as a handy and intuitive guide, summarizing and analyzing pertinent points from the newsletters.

These insights cover a broad range of topics revolving around artificial intelligence, its ethics, its functionality, and security challenges.To allow users to have an interactional experience, Thinks and Links Digest use chatbots to engage with them.

After signing up, the users are greeted with a welcome message and instantly engaged with various interactive prompt starters. These prompt starters stimulate a conversation around AI topics of interest such as the latest stories, AI ethics, the working principle of AI, and challenges in AI security.Apart from fostering a better understanding of AI, the Thinks and Links Digest GPT also attempts to keep users informed about the recent developments and trending topics in the field.

The GPT's purpose is not just to offer summarized content from newsletters but to offer a platform for interested users to interact and learn more about artificial intelligence and data science.This application is intuitive, easy to use, and ensures users stay updated, informed, and engaged with the latest insights and developments in artificial intelligence.

It's designed to serve all levels of AI enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, providing them with a lively and engaging way to consume content. Please note that to access this GPT, a ChatGPT Plus subscription may be required.


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Thinks and Links Digest was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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