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Productivity suite that boosts email productivity.
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InboxPro is a suite of tools designed to help boost productivity in Gmail. It features an AI-powered email assistant, calendar scheduling, email tracking, templates, auto-followups, and email analytics.

The AI-powered email assistant allows users to generate professional emails and summarize emails with one click. Calendar scheduling allows people to share their availability with a link, while automated follow-ups can be used to create onboarding sequences.

Email tracking allows users to see who opens their emails, while templates and signatures help keep emails professional and branded. InboxPro also provides a report and insights to visualize email activity and obtain a report to improve email usage.

Finally, the suite is free to use after a 7-day trial period.


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InboxPro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates professional emails
Summarizes emails automatically
Calendar scheduling feature
Automated follow-ups
Email tracking system
Templates for emails
Customizable email signatures
Email analytics
Free post 7-day trial
Works with Google Chrome
Booking reminders
Connected to Google Calendar
Supports onboarding email sequences
Allows cold email campaigns
Multiple event types management
Automated calendar management
Offers report and insights
Seamless sharing of availability
Tracks multiple email opens
Saves email templates
Supports template sharing
Impact visualization
100% customizable signatures
Signature supports calendar feature
Engagement measurement
Email activity visualization


Only works with Gmail
Limited to Google Chrome
Doesn't support other email platforms
No multi-language support
Email tracking may breach privacy
Requires access to email account
Email analytics could be more detailed
No API integration
Limited free version functionalities


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How does InboxPro help in scheduling meetings?
Can InboxPro track my emails?
What automated processes does InboxPro offer?
How can I access and use the Auto-Followups feature in InboxPro?
What kind of insights does InboxPro provide about my email usage?
Does InboxPro offer any free trials?
How can I install InboxPro?
Is InboxPro compatible with Google Chrome?
What is InboxPro's 'Summarize feature' and how does it work?
How can InboxPro help me manage my Google Calendar?
Can I configure meeting locations with InboxPro? If so, how?
How can I use templates in InboxPro to craft professional emails?
Can I use InboxPro for email analytics?
Can I customize email signatures in InboxPro?
What happens after the InboxPro 7-day free trial ends?
How does InboxPro improve email productivity in Gmail?

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