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Custom news aggregation and newsletter generation.
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Digest is an AI tool that enables users to create personalized newsletters by bundling their favorite content. Users can select at least three sources, such as Weather, Google Calendar, Reddit, Hacker News, RSS, YouTube, Product Hunt, and Stripe, to add to their newsletter.

With Digest, users can receive their personalized newsletters daily, either delivered straight to their inbox, accessed through the web app, or read on their smartphones.

The tool aims to prevent users from missing out on updates from their social feeds and current events. It offers the convenience of compiling multiple newsletters into a single email for easy consumption.

Additionally, Digest plans to introduce a feature that allows users to subscribe to and read their favorite newsletters within the Digest account in the future.

The tool emphasizes being free to use and focuses on delivering personalized content. It aims to save users time by eliminating the need for endlessly scrolling through various sources to stay up to date.

Digest currently supports eight sources, but more sources are expected to be added in the future.


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Digest was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 3rd 2023.
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