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Streamline Your Newsletter Creation.
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Newsblocks AI is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline the process of creating newsletters. It aims to help newsletter writers enhance productivity by automating the tasks of content curation and summarization.

A significant feature of the tool is the innovative Chrome extension that enables effortless assembly of newsletters. Newsblocks AI also allows users to make newsletter writing part of their daily workflow.

Users can gather news, let the AI generate summaries (or 'blocks') for them, and publish newsletters automatically. The tool also promotes the creation of personalized newsletters based on user preference.

With the capacity to generate visually appealing and engaging newsletters quickly, it supports scalable publishing and presents a platform for both existing newsletter writers wanting to increase output, or those seeking to make a transition from monthly to weekly, or even daily newsletters.

Newsblocks AI also has a bookmarking feature and facilitates content curation while browsing the web, thereby making it easier for users to create news roundups of their specialty niche.


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Newsblocks was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Productivity enhancement tool
Content curation automation
Content summarization automation
Chrome extension for easy use
Inserts into daily workflow
Automatic newsletter publishing
Creation of personalized newsletters
Supports scalable publishing
Facilitates content bookmarking
Web browsing content curation
Professional newsletter creation
Seamless web curation
Instant newsletter generation
Automatic pilot mode
Transitioning from monthly to daily newsletters
Brand authority establishment
Simplifies creation of specialized niche newsletters
Offers various pricing plans
Integrates into current workflows
Saves articles for auto creation
Transforms articles into 'blocks'
Connects with popular email newsletter services
Aids in subscriber base growth
Promotes products or services
Generates appealing visual newsletters
Integration with Substack, Mailchimp
Shorter time for curation
Newsletter quality assurance
Efficient bookmark organization
Improves marketing opportunities
Generates auto summaries ('blocks')
Ready newsletter for publishing


Limited to Chrome extension
No real-time collaboration
No off-browser applications
Lacks native mail service integration
Limited manual editing
Lack of content variety
Potentially high-cost subscriptions
No free tier available
Limited workspace choices
Dependent on user API keys


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How visually appealing are the newsletters created by Newsblocks AI?
How does Newsblocks AI support the creation of specialty niche news roundups?


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