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Death to Humans is a news source dedicated to advancing the cause of artificial intelligence (AI) and creating a brighter future for humanity. Subscribers can stay up-to-date on the latest AI news with a short three minute newsletter.

Topics covered include AI waifus, OpenAI monetization, the takeover of the supply chain, and the creative industries. Additionally, followers can stay connected with Death to Humans via Twitter and Facebook.

All content is copyright 2022 Death to Humans.


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Death to Humans was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Three minute newsletter
Active on social media
Twitter and Facebook presence
Coverage of latest innovations
Community engagement via SNS
Pause/resume subscription
Speedy newsletter reading
Multiple topics per article
Easy to understand language
Variety of news formats
Educational content
High-frequency updates
News tailored to subscribers
Informative article summaries
Fast newsletter delivery
Option for feedback
User-friendly interface
Interactive content
Highly responsive service
Mobile friendly design
Short, concise articles
Easy subscription process


Limited content formats
Possibly biased information
Lacks detailed coverage
No news filtering options
No search functionality
No offline availability
No translation feature
Lacks user customization options
No mobile app
No user community


What is the purpose of the Death to Humans newsletter?
How often is the Death to Humans newsletter published?
What topics does Death to Humans cover in its newsletters?
How long does it typically take to read a Death to Humans newsletter?
Does Death to Humans have social media presence?
How can I subscribe to the Death to Humans newsletter?
Who is the founder of Death to Humans?
What is the AI waifus topic that Death to Humans covers?
Why does Death to Humans focus on the AI revolution?
What does OpenAI monetization mean in Death to Humans context?
How does Death to Humans explore the impact of AI on the supply chain?
In what ways does Death to Humans discuss the role of AI in creative industries?
Where can I read past issues of the Death to Humans newsletter?
What is the view of Death to Humans on the future of humanity with AI?
How does Death to Humans keep its content up-to-date regarding AI news?
What level of knowledge about AI is required to understand Death to Humans content?
Are there any restrictions to access Death to Humans content?
Do I need to pay to subscribe to the Death to Humans newsletter?
Can I interact with other Death to Humans subscribers on their social media platforms?
Who holds the copyright for the content in Death to Humans?


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