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Refining text with academic style paraphrasing.
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Rephrase Master is a GPT designed to assist in rewriting text into an academic style. Built on top of ChatGPT, it adds a specialized functionality for academic paraphrasing.

It's an innovative tool that supports both students and professionals who need to express ideas in a more scholarly way. This could be for purposes ranging from academic papers to professional reports or articles.

The tool operates by taking input in the form of standard text, and rewriting it with appropriate academic language. It's important to note that the user must structure their input request in a specific way for the tool to operate correctly, namely by beginning the request with 'Rephrase: [input texts]'.

The GPT has been designed and developed by MATSUI KENTARO. It's necessary to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription to use Rephrase Master. It is a user-friendly and efficient solution for those seeking to adopt a nuanced and professional academic tone in their writing.


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