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GPT welcome message: May I help you read, cite, or create a research paper?
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I need a topic for my research in renewable energy
Can you assist in outlining a paper on artificial intelligence?
How should I structure the methodology section of my thesis?
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The Scholar is a ChatGPT that specializes in providing assistance with academic papers. Its capabilities extend to a variety of aspects involved in scholarly writing.

The Scholar can guide users through the process of research, writing, and accurate citation of sources. This GPT is aimed towards supporting the user to enhance their academic writing skills and ensuring that their research papers are professionally structured and adhere to scholarly standards.The Scholar provides a range of services, from assisting in the development of research topics to guidance in outlining papers.

Beyond selecting topics, this GPT can also help structure various sections of a thesis or research paper, such as the methodology section. With this tool, users can seek advice and guidance on structuring their papers effectively, thus ensuring their work is logically organized and academically robust.In addition, The Scholar excels in guiding users in citing papers accurately, which is essential in maintaining academic integrity.

It also provides a help function to read and understand research papers, making it a versatile AI tool beneficial for researchers, students, and anyone involved in scholarly writing.Users can interact with The Scholar on the platform.

It is to be noted that the tool requires ChatGPT Plus, implying that benefits of enhanced response time may be availed. Users can sign in on the platform and start interacting with this GPT, thus making their scholarly writing journey more efficient and less daunting.

This tool has the potential to be a significant addition to the user's research toolbox.


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The Scholar was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 16th 2023.
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