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ByElfriede Katzmeier
Specializes in clear, precise academic writing in the natural sciences with a focus on LaTeX formatting.
GPT welcome message: Ready to assist with your scientific writing needs!
Sample prompts:
Please enhance the following text with improved phrasing and revised sentence structure.
Please find more suitable phrases for the text I will provide below.
Please correct the grammar and spelling in the text that I will provide below. Change nothing else.
Please correct the text I will provide below.
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Scientific Writing with Latex is a GPT specifically designed to assist users with clear, precise academic writing within the natural sciences. This tool has a specialized focus on LaTeX formatting, an integral part of writing in scientific spheres.

This GPT is well-suited to users who have their writings in LaTeX format and desire improved phrasing, revised sentence structure, or corrections in grammar and spelling.

The GPT prompts users to provide text on which it can perform these actions to refine the content without changing its overall intent. With the goal of enhancing the users' scientific writing needs, Scientific Writing with Latex supports users by finding more suitable phrases, correcting the grammar and spelling, and improving the quality of their academic or scientific content in LaTeX format.

Please note that usage of this tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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