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Support tool for producing academic texts.
GPT welcome message: Olá! Como posso ajudar com sua redação científica hoje?
Sample prompts:
A elaboração do problema de pesquisa
A elaboração da hipótese
A elaboração do objetivo
A elaboração da revisão da literaura
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The 'Meu Curso de Redao Cientfica' is a specialized GPT designed to assist in the production of academic texts. Its central objective is to guide and enhance scientific writing skills.

This makes it particularly suitable for users involved in academic or research-related activities, including but not limited to crafting research problems, formulating hypotheses, setting research objectives, and engaging in literature review writing.

This GPT, standing as a digital aid in academic text production, presents a comprehensive assistive tool that integrates well with the ChatGPT platform.

The GPT prompts users with critical aspects of scientific writing, thereby facilitating a structured approach. It starts conversations with a welcoming message, inviting users to state their needs with their scientific writing, aiming to provide tailored support.

The 'Meu Curso de Redao Cientfica' GPT, therefore, supports the user throughout their journey of scientific text production, not only easing their writing process but also enhancing the quality and clarity of ideas and arguments expressed within the text.


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