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Academic Editor is a GPT designed to refine and enhance text into a format and style that aligns with academic and journal-quality writing. It serves as a supportive tool for authors, researchers, students, and individuals who are looking to improve their writing for academic journals or formal publications.

The key features of the Academic Editor GPT include helping users to edit and formalize paragraphs, to make texts sound more academic, or to revise items for publication, thereby optimizing users' work for their intended scholarly audience.

The GPT interacts with user inquiries and prompts, facilitating a more polished, formal, and academic end product. The user simply needs to provide their text to this GPT and specify instructions such as 'make this academic', 'formalize this paragraph', or 'revise for publication'.

Sign up is required for use, and this tool integrates operationally with ChatGPT Plus. Overall, Academic Editor GPT restructures, refines, and adapts user-provided text to meet specific academic or journal writing standards and criteria.


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Academic Editor was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2023.
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