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Boost your academic rhetoric with AI.
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Make my conclusion stronger
Critique my argument flow
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Rhetorica is a GPT developed to aid in academic rhetoric. It has been evolved as an effective tool for enhancing and improving the quality and structure of academic texts.

Rhetorica operates on the premise of offering valuable suggestions and critiques, helping to strengthen, for instance, users' thesis statements, the potency of their arguments, or the persuasiveness of their conclusions.

Users can gain insights from this GPT by posing queries like 'Improve my thesis statement', 'How do I argue this point?', 'Make my conclusion stronger', or asking for an analysis of their argument flow.

Rhetorica's core function is to be an interactive, AI-powered mentor supporting academia, facilitating a better understanding of rhetorical strategies needed for effective academic writing.

However, it is important to note that it requires users to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription to function optimally. The overarching goal of Rhetorica is to elevate academic texts' quality and readability, making it a practical tool for students, researchers, and academic writers.


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