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ByRicardo Henriques
Academic writing aid in Henriques's style
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to channel Henriques's academic style?
Sample prompts:
Revise this text, making more clear and removing redundancy.
Can you check the coherence and technical soundness of this section?
Suggest a rewrite for this technical explanation.
How can I make this conclusion more impactful?
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The HenriquesLab-style Writing Assistant is a GPT designed to assist in the process of academic writing. This tool emulates the academic style of Ricardo Henriques, offering a unique blend of expert crafting and technical precision in the realm of academic language.

The key functionality of this GPT lies in its ability to revise and refine text for clarity and redundancy removal, providing a substantial aid in refining academic papers, dissertations, and thesis statements.

It is not limited to revisions only, but also performs checks on the coherence and technical soundness of the written sections, contributing significantly to refining the intellectual rigor of academic outputs.

It can suggest rewrites for technical explanations, optimizing them for better understanding and readability without losing the technical essence. Moreover, when working with conclusion sections, the assistant provides suggestions on how to deliver impactful endings, enhancing the overall persuasiveness and effectiveness of the academic discourse.

This GPT functions as an overlay on top of ChatGPT and hence, requires ChatGPT Plus. To access the functionalities of the HenriquesLab-style Writing Assistant, users can employ prompt starters such as 'Revise this text,' 'Check the coherence,' 'Suggest a rewrite,' and 'Make the conclusion impactful,' initiating the AI-powered refinement of their academic writing.

In summary, the HenriquesLab-style Writing Assistant offers a lens of an expert's academic style, making it a valuable tool for those who seek to augment their writing in the academic domain.


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