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ByM Rizwan
Comprehensive review and improvement for your research paper or thesis.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Providing sequenced, detailed feedback with a preference for book knowledge.
Sample prompts:
Review my manuscript's methodology section.
Can you assess the data analysis in my paper?
Feedback on my literature review, please.
Evaluate the conclusions in my study.
Provide a throrough review of the attached manuscript with section wise suggestions for improvement
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Academic Research Reviewer is a highly specialized GPT designed to deliver detailed and comprehensive feedback on academic research papers and theses. Its primary function is to assist academics by effectively reviewing their manuscripts and identifying areas for improvement.

The encompassed areas of this review include, but not necessarily limited to, sections like methodology, data analysis, literature review, and study conclusions.

Its ability to provide section-wise suggestions for improvement makes this tool particularly valuable for the refining process in research paper or thesis preparation.

The reviewer is also capable of handling prompts to review specific parts of a manuscript, which allows for targeted feedback and improvement. Despite the AI-driven nature of the tool, it leans towards providing feedback grounded on established book knowledge, making it a useful resource for academics who are refining their papers for publication.

It's worth noting that this tool requires ChatGPT Plus to operate, implying the need for higher computational resources and software infrastructure for its optimal functioning.


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Jan 25, 2024
When I first used this there was some glitch. But after using it again it works perfectly and provided extremely useful feedback for my thesis. Highly recommended.

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