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Spot emerging trends in the latest research
GPT welcome message: Welcome to ArXiv Trend Tracker
Sample prompts:
What's new in quantum computing?
Latest trends in cell biology
What's happening in social psychology?
Trends in econometrics research
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Research Radar is a GPT that is designed to provide insights into the latest research trends across all disciplines. It fulfills a crucial role of analyzing and tracking current evolutions in a broad spectrum of fields of study, which may include quantum computing, cell biology, social psychology and econometric research among others.

Users opt in by signing up to ChatGPT Plus, which will then enable them to access and interact with Research Radar. Upon initiating a conversation with the GPT, a user receives a welcoming message from the ArXiv Trend Tracker.

This forms the foundational interaction medium, as users can ask prompt queries ranging from "What's new in quantum computing?" to "Trends in econometrics research." Therefore, research Radar serves as a potent tool in keeping users informed with the latest research trends in their respective disciplines.

Users can benefit by receiving concise and precise updates, aiding them to stay aligned with the most recent advancements happening globally. The primary objective of this tool is to streamline knowledge sharing by maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date perspective on recent developments in various academic fields which can serve as valuable information for researchers, academicians, and students alike.


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