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Content strategy and trend discovery acceleration.
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KeyTrends is a content marketing tool that helps users discover trends and traffic opportunities to accelerate their content strategy. With KeyTrends, users can generate content using a combination of AI and user data, resulting in unique and multi-channel content.

The tool offers over 30 templates powered by GPT3, allowing users to write 10 times faster.One of the key features of KeyTrends is its ability to research users and competition within a single tool, without the need to visit search engine result pages (SERPs).

Users can gain insights into their users' search intentions and their competitors' content, enabling them to create SEO briefings in just one minute.KeyTrends also automatically detects hundreds of new trends based on Google Trends data.

This helps users generate content ideas that align with the latest trends, contributing to increased traffic, revenue, and brand growth.Additionally, the tool allows users to manage their content effectively, schedule topics, and collaborate with their editorial team.

With features like assigning publishers and setting deadlines, users can ensure a streamlined and efficient content publishing workflow.KeyTrends caters to a wide range of companies, including agencies, media outlets, e-commerce businesses, and SEO freelancers.

It addresses common challenges faced by these businesses, such as trend spotting, competitor monitoring, keyword research, multi-channel content strategy, and content measurement.Overall, KeyTrends offers an enterprise content marketing platform that helps users create content strategies 90% faster by leveraging AI, trends data, and user research.


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Keytrends was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Trend discovery feature
Inbuilt content planning
ROI & content analytics
Product description optimization
Keyword research capabilities
User & competition research
Automatic trend detection
Multichannel content strategy
Editorial team collaboration
Efficient content publishing workflow
30+ templates powered by GPT3
Suitable for agencies, media, ecommerce
SEO briefing creation
Content ideas based on trends
Wide range of company adaptability
Speeds up content strategies
Saves time in keyword research
Competitor monitoring without SERPs
Content effectiveness measurement
Allows content schedule and management
Effective user research
Provides search intent analytics
Competitor's content analysis
Capacity of multi-channel content creation
Time-saving functionalities
Automated trend alerts
Topic assignment feature
Task tracking capabilities
Deadlines setup
Indexing error warnings
SEO entities and keyword data
Automatic web tree generation
Visual web architecture
User-centred content creation
Performance metrics
Live feedback
User interest analysis
Automated briefings creation
Trained models for business


Lacks precise prediction tools
No multilingual support
Dependent on Google Trends
No mobile application
Limited template range
Narrow keyword data sources
No social media integration
Lack of content localization features
Limited to content marketing sector
No clear user access control


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What is the meaning of 'Content strategies 90% faster with KeyTrends'?

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