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ByRaymond Jiang
Unveiling all secrets of Digital Marketing.
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How to set bait to attract users?
What is the value ladder?
How to create your own value ladder?
How to find your cream customers?
How to build a attractive character?
Where Are Your Competitors?
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Secrets of Marketing is a GPT developed by Raymond Jiang that provides in-depth insights into the various aspects of digital marketing. This tool is designed to offer extensive knowledge about marketing 'secrets' that are crucial for the success of any digital marketing strategy.

After signing up, users can ask various questions about marketing techniques, strategies and trends, thereby helping them to enhance their marketing skills and expertise.

Some of the core areas that Secrets of Marketing covers include user attrition, value ladder creation, customer segmentation, character build-up and competitive analysis.

For example, it assists in formulating strategies on how to set bait to attract users, creating a unique value ladder, finding and retaining cream customers, building an attractive character for a brand, and understanding the tactics used by competitors.

This wealth of information is directed not only at marketing professionals but also at entrepreneurs, students and interested laypersons. Users should note that access to the features of the Secrets of Marketing GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

This tool exists on the ChatGPT platform and is a resourceful guide providing practical tactics, strategies and the 'secrets' of digital marketing.


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