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Expert on Google's marketing papers, providing actionable insights.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Need insights from Google's marketing papers? I'm here to help.
Sample prompts:
Give me a summary of what the Messy Middle is?
What are the key takeaways from Google's recent marketing research?
Can you explain Google's new marketing model in simple terms?
How can I apply Google's findings to improve my marketing strategy?
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Marketing Insights Guru is a GPT designed to offer insights into Google's marketing papers. This tool caters to those seeking to gain valuable knowledge from Google's extensive marketing research.

A unique feature is its ability to demystify complex terminologies and concepts, making them understandable for users with varying levels of marketing familiarity.

The GPT can present summaries of intricate topics such as 'The Messy Middle', elaborate on key findings in Google's recent research, or distill new marketing models in user-friendly terms.

An equally useful function this GPT provides is strategic application advice. Users can ask for specific insights into how Google's findings could potentially enhance their personal or organizational marketing strategies.

This is particularly beneficial for marketing practitioners, business leaders, or anybody interested in leveraging Google's marketing research to advance their marketing efforts.

Created by, users are required to sign up for access and it requires ChatGPT Plus. It is developed in such a way that it welcomes users with an informative message, and prompt starters are provided to ensure it's user-friendly and straightforward.

These prompt starters help users find a starting point for their inquiries, thus fostering a smooth and enjoyable experience.


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