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Empowering marketers with unified marketing measurement.
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Lifesight is a unified marketing measurements platform. Its primary function is to empower marketers by providing them with actionable data and AI-driven insights.

The tool is designed to facilitate a detailed understanding of customer journeys to enhance decision-making processes and improve return on investment (ROI).

The Lifesight platform offers a suite of features designed to enhance marketing performance in a privacy-first world. Users can import data using numerous integration options and target audiences via AI-generated segments.

The tool also offers server-side tracking to elevate the user's marketing performance. The platform includes a unified marketing measurement suite which facilitates the determination of the causal impacts of marketing activities on business KPIs, and leverages AI-powered marketing attribution for detailed optimization.

Furthermore, Lifesight allows users to plan, forecast & compare multiple marketing scenarios, generate AI-powered recommendations, and understand decision impacts on business KPIs.

The data generated from the platform aids users in comprehending the real impact of their marketing decisions on their business. Industries such as agencies, retail, CPG, and eCommerce can utilize Lifesight to enhance their marketing strategies and obtain a comprehensive picture of their performance and profitability.

The platform also provides integrations with 250+ apps for broad connectivity. In summary, Lifesight acts as a suite for modernizing traditional media measurement and optimization, budget and campaign optimization, forecasting and scenario planning, and marketing impact assessments.


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Pros and Cons


Unified marketing measurements
Detailed customer journey insights
Server-side tracking capabilities
Causal impact analysis
Marketing scenarios planning & forecasting
Performance and profitability overview
Integrations with 250+ apps
Meticulous budget and campaign optimization
Marketing impact assessments
Industry specific applications
Assists in decision making
Improves ROI
Privacy-first world suitable
No-code data import
Seamless understanding of customer journeys
Continuous testing and calibration
Real-time marketing performance measure
Track decisions impact on KPIs
Marketing on customer retention insights
Insights for budgetary decisions
Seamless integrations
Predictive analytics
Serves various industries
Easy-to-adopt interface
In-depth marketing strategies analyses
Multiple marketing scenarios comparison
Advanced simulation tools for forecasting
Transparent experiments and consumer interaction
Shows incrementality measurement & Geo-experiments


Lacks offline data integration
Missing advanced custom reporting
Limited industry-specific functionality
No dedicated mobile app
Pricing info not transparent
Lack of real-time data
May have steep learning curve
Limited customer support options
Insufficient third-party reviews


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