Fact checker 07 Sep 2023
Verify with fact-checking & detecting generated images.

Generated by ChatGPT

Debunkd is an AI-powered fact-checking and image detection tool designed to help users verify the accuracy and authenticity of various types of information found online.

It provides a browser extension and a web app to assist users in double-checking tweets, pictures, and even responses from ChatGPT. The AI Fact Checker feature utilizes advanced AI technology to perform real-time fact-checking.

It instantly verifies statements by cross-referencing them with credible sources. It provides users with reliable sources and information to ensure the accuracy of the information they encounter.The AI Image Detector functionality helps users distinguish between AI-generated images and human-generated images.

By analyzing an image's properties, patterns, and metadata, the AI Image Detector determines its authenticity. Users receive a breakdown indicating the percentage likelihood of the image being AI-generated or human-made.The tool can be beneficial for verifying trending news on platforms like Twitter and Reddit, preventing users from falling for fake stories.

It also assists in differentiating between real photos and AI-generated images on platforms like Instagram. Additionally, it ensures the information received from platforms like ChatGPT is accurate and trustworthy.Debunkd works by allowing users to enter the information they want to fact-check, and then its AI analyzes the data and cross-checks it with reputable internet sources.

Users are presented with a result, which includes a summary of the process and the source of the fact-check. The image detection feature works by allowing users to upload or link an image, which is then analyzed for authenticity.Overall, Debunkd is a valuable tool for combatting misinformation and promoting critical thinking online.

Debunkd was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 7th 2023.
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