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ByPhilipp Streicher
Assists in Roam Research queries using user's database.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Ready to access and query your Roam Research database?
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Can you fetch data from my Roam database?
Can you add notes to my Roam database?
Can you add web page summaries to my Roam database?
Can you summarize YouTube videos for me?
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Roam Helper is a GPT designed to assist users in managing and querying their Roam Research database. It has been developed to deliver a range of utility to the user, primarily focusing on data management and note-taking.

The GPT is capable of accessing and querying the user's Roam Research database, providing the ability for the user to fetch specific data without manual search.

Further to this, Roam Helper can add to the Roam database, allowing users to seamlessly integrate additional notes and summaries. Given a web page, Roam Helper can also generate concise text summaries, assisting in personal research tasks or content management.

Similarly, it can also deliver summaries for YouTube videos. Thus, Roam Helper enhances research productivity and data organisation, combining accessibility in Roam Research with the capabilities of a versatile GPT.

Please note that for Roam Helper to work, it requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.


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