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Get insights from your unstructured data with Roe AI.
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Roe AI is a platform designed to deal with unstructured data, allowing users to store data from various sources in differing formats and eliminate data silos.

It utilizes a technology known as GEN AI to process and extract insights from this unstructured data, offering results quickly. The system supports the use of different types of unstructured data, making it versatile.

It has an inbuilt omni search capability to facilitate full multi-modal search within the unstructured data. Roe AI places much emphasis on data security, encrypting data, models, and indices at rest in a virtual private cloud.

The platform is geared towards diverse use cases including market intelligence, customer success, marketing, and AI copilots. It's capable of aiding investment teams in extracting useful insights about companies and founders, advancing data analysis from customer-interaction information, assisting in segmentation based on unstructured data for marketing purposes, and functioning as a source for AI copilots.

In addition, it assists in various tasks such as standardizing unstructured data using AI, classifying data and making inferences, optimizing content with similarity search, and improving data handling efficiency.

Roe AI also allows enterprises to own their own personalized Gen AI models. The platform is designed to be user-friendly so even teams with minimal ML background can utilize it effectively.


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Pros and Cons


Unstructured data support
Data silos elimination
Quick results delivery
Versatile data type support
Omni search capability
Strong data security
Data encryption
Virtual private cloud use
Diverse use cases
Marketing segmentation aid
Unstructured data standardization
Data classification and inferences
Content optimization with similarity search
Data handling efficiency
User-friendly interface
Minimal ML background usability
Market intelligence generation
Customer success advancement
Investment teams support
Efficient data analysis
E2E Data Security
Workflow simplification
Business needs alignment
User satisfaction enhancement
Recommendation systems
Multi-modal data support
Privately owned models
Self-calibrating models over time
MLOps knowledge not required
API calls availability
Snowflake data compatibility
Industry-standard billing
Prepaid capacity based plans


No mobile application
Limited data types supported
No built-in collaboration features
Machine learning knowledge requirement unclear
Only supports English language
Pricing details not clear
Setup requirements not mentioned
Limited customer service options


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What measures does Roe AI take to standardize unstructured data?
How can Roe AI analyze data from disparate sources?
What are the different tasks supported by Roe AI?
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What is the cost structure of Roe AI services?

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