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Industry-first AI Efficiency Platform
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Granica provides a data training platform with a suite of tools designed to enhance the safety, efficiency, and privacy in AI development. At its heart is an emphasis on next-generation data management, with measures in place to make data comprehensible, accessible, and privacy-compliant.

This platform focuses on three key areas: data privacy, data cost optimization, and data visibility. The data privacy component is evidenced in the feature set of Granica SCREEN, which locates and masks personally identifiable and sensitive information within your training data.

Moreover, data privacy is made scalable and functional in more than a hundred languages. For cost optimization, Granica CRUNCH tackles indiscriminate data lake costs by downsizing them, making data expansion affordable whilst keeping the data active.

Granica CHRONICLE is enlisted for data visibility, giving users interactive glimpses into their data lake, including access patterns, resource use, and storage details via a user-friendly GenAI chat interface.

This ensures quick actionable insights about your data environment. These services are integrated into a unified platform that can easily merge into the user's environment.

It offers both batch and real-time processing adept for privacy preservation and data compression respectively.Finally, Granica is recognized for its groundbreaking research into data selection, the findings of which are being used to develop an upcoming product projected to significantly amplify AI accuracy and cost-effectiveness.


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Granica was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Data cost reduction
Developer-first platform
Handles petabyte-scale data
Compatible with AWS, GCP
Efficient data processing
Efficient data detection
Reduces data storage costs
Reduces data transfer costs
Data privacy and security
Byte-Precise Detection
Improved data security
Significant cost savings
Seamless integration
Wide data type support
Customizable for use-cases
Reduces API costs
Byte-Granular Data Reduction
Novel compression algorithms
Trusted by industry leaders
Scalable solution
Secure solution
User-friendly solution
Supports image data
Supports LiDAR data
Supports clickstream data
Supports logs data
Respects security policies
Data remains in-house
Deployment increases efficiency
Reduces scanning cost
High precision data detection
High recall data detection
SOC 2 Type 2
Runs in your VPC
S3/GCS-compatible API
Auto Scaling to 100PB+
Outcome-based pricing
Only charges for value
Supports existing environments
Offers pro-active support
Efficiently scales across clouds
Mitigates breach risk
Supports model training
Offers granular data insight
Preserves data privacy
Offers lossless compression
Supports downstream analytics


Only compatible with AWS and GCP
Limited data type support
Requires significant data for efficiency
Limited service offerings (Crunch, Screen)
Limited customization options
No performance improvement claim
May require re-architecting for cost reduction
Relies on proprietary compression algorithms
No open-source components
Unclear integration procedure for existing environments


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