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Drug discovery and development with advanced technology.
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Genesis Therapeutics is an AI-powered drug discovery platform that utilizes advanced molecular AI technology to unlock novel protein targets, explore unexplored chemical space, and accelerate the development of new medicines.

The company's platform combines cutting-edge techniques such as 3D spatial graph modeling and molecular simulation to generate innovative drug candidates.With a team consisting of experienced drug hunters, deep learning researchers, and software engineers, Genesis Therapeutics is focused on applying AI in biochemistry to discover and develop therapies for patients suffering from severe disorders.By leveraging its sophisticated AI technology, Genesis Therapeutics aims to revolutionize the field of biotech and drug discovery.

The company has garnered significant attention in the press and has received substantial investments, including a recent oversubscribed $200 million Series B funding round.Genesis Therapeutics has also formed strategic partnerships with industry giants like Eli Lilly, Roche, and Genentech, showcasing the recognition and support it has received within the biotech community.Overall, Genesis Therapeutics is a pioneering company at the forefront of AI-driven drug discovery, utilizing advanced techniques and collaborations to accelerate the development of critical new medicines for the benefit of patients worldwide.


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Pros and Cons


Explores unexplored chemical space
Combines 3D spatial graph modeling
Uses molecular simulation
Team of experienced drug hunters
Deep learning researchers
Software engineers on team
Focus on biochemistry application
Oversubscribed $200 million Series B
Partnerships with industry giants
Strategic alliance with Eli Lilly
Partnership with Roche
Collaboration with Genentech
Revolutionizing biotech and drug discovery
Accelerates new medicine development
Unlocking novel protein targets


No clear user interface
Partnerships limit independent usage
No obvious fail safes
Limited customization
No consumer-grade version
Lacks datasets for validation
No diverse language support
Relies on proprietary technologies
No training or user documentation


What is Genesis Therapeutics?
How does Genesis Therapeutics utilize AI in drug discovery?
What techniques does Genesis Therapeutics employ for the discovery of new medicines?
What is 3D spatial graph modeling and how is it used in Genesis Therapeutics' platform?
What kind of molecular simulations does Genesis Therapeutics conduct?
Who make up the team at Genesis Therapeutics?
What are Genesis Therapeutics' main goals or objectives?
Who has invested in Genesis Therapeutics?
How much funding has Genesis Therapeutics received so far?
Who are Genesis Therapeutics' industry partners?
What disorders does Genesis Therapeutics focus on?
How does Genesis Therapeutics aim to revolutionize the biotech and drug discovery field?
Has Genesis Therapeutics received any recognition or awards in the industry?
What advancements have been made so far with Genesis Therapeutics AI?
How has Genesis Therapeutics contributed to the medical research field?
What is the potential total value of the deal with Eli Lilly?
What role does deep learning play in the workings of Genesis Therapeutics?
How does Genesis Therapeutics approach drug development differently from traditional methods?
What are they hoping to achieve with their AI discovery deal with Eli Lilly?
How does the platform of Genesis Therapeutics work to unlock novel protein targets?

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