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AI PDF and web summaries for your reading and research.
Generated by ChatGPT

Focal is an advanced AI tool primarily designed for readers and researchers across various professions. It offers powerful functionalities for summarizing and highlighting PDFs and web pages, making it an ideal solution for those tasked with processing vast amounts of information.

Within its secure platform, users can organize, add notes, and share highlights with their team, encouraging collaboration and efficient work. Focal also stands out for its 'AI Copilot' feature that allows users to search and query their own data.

Alongside these functionalities, Focal caters for a distraction-free reading experience by eliminating clutter and ads, allowing users to focus solely on the content that matters.

Articles can be stored securely and organized into workspaces for future reference. Focal also supports saving both web pages and PDF documents permanently, hence making it handy for long-term research.

The AI summaries generated by Focal distill complex information into comprehendible points, making the tool particularly valuable for academic, legal, and workplace environments, among others.


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May 20, 2024
This was a HUGE let down. I wanted this to work more than anybody! I've been searching for exactly this for months and so far it's been fruitless.. When I stumbled across this and it did everything that I needed it to do, it would give you the key points it would make it more comprehensive it would give you as much detail as you wanted and it had a free seven day trial and it was unlimited with no credit system (as long as you purchased the plan). It was like I had created it because it is exactly what I was looking for, after I signed up I started to do my happy dance and then I uploaded a file so I could get the show on the road..... and nothing.... it kept trying to upload and it absolutely would not give me any summary or anything just kept loading and loading and loading.... I could view the file and the file would show up after a while but there would still be no summaries so in essence the program is broken which broke my freaking heart. if this starts working again somebody please reply to this comment and let me know I really have faith in this program and I really wanna use it. I don't want to do this but I have to give it 2 stars for the time being....

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Pros and Cons


PDF Summarization
Web Page Summarization
Data Organization
Collaboration Tool
Note Taking
Distraction-free Reading
Content Highlighting
Ad Removal
Secure Storage
Highlight Sharing
Workspace Organization
Permanent Web and PDF Saving
Complex Information Distillation
Workplace, Academic, Legal Suitable
GPT-4 Class Summarization
Secure Research Platform
Collaborative Workspaces
Clutter Elimination
Tags for Highlights
Workplace Oriented
Long-term Research Aided
Advanced Reading Support
Aid in Synthesizing Information
Supports Chrome
User-friendly Interface
Facilitates Discussion
Tailored Reading Experience
Advanced Document Querying
Securely Save Forever
Professional and Research Oriented
For Marketers, Designers, Writers


Limited to PDFs and websites
No mobile app
No offline access
No language translation feature
No text-to-speech function
Advanced features sound complex
Possibly over-looped for casual readers
No information on API
No versioning system for notes


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What kind of features does Focal offer for readers and researchers?
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How does Focal offer a distraction-free reading on web pages?
Can I store and organize my saved web pages and PDFs using Focal?
What is the procedure to permanently save web pages and PDFs on Focal?
In what way does Focal offer added value in academic and legal environments?
How can I utilize Focal’s summarizing capabilities to aid my research?
What functionalities does Focal provide for data organization?
Can I share my highlights with a team using Focal and how?
What does Focal do to remove ads?
How secure is the storage provided by Focal?
Can I add notes and organize my highlighted texts in Focal?
Can workspaces within Focal be utilized for team collaboration?
In what manner does Focal's AI Copilot assist with data querying?
Does Focal support browser extensions, and if so, for which browsers?
How does Focal enhance the act of reading online content?
What class is the AI used for summarizing?
Can I use Focal as a note-taking tool?
How does Focal improve the efficiency of my research work?

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