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Cryptocurrency research assistant for investors.
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DYORAI is a comprehensive research assistant tool for investors in the cryptocurrency market. It uses artificial intelligence to help users make informed investment decisions by conducting deep and complex research on a particular cryptocurrency project.

The tool provides essential metrics and data, including a legitimacy check on social media sentiment, which ensures that numbers are not fake or inflated by bots, making it the most comprehensive crypto research tool available.Users have access to all critical data and metrics from different sources, including Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Coinmarketcal, Dextools, Etherscan, Bscscan, and Messari, in one place, simplifying the research process and saving time.

DYORAI focuses on providing a true "do your own research" experience, empowering investors to make informed decisions based on factual information and data rather than relying on biased opinions or recommendations.DYORAI also provides a smart AI portfolio trust score to help evaluate the overall quality and potential of a coin, avoid scams, and invest in trusted coins.

Its features include deep token research, sentimental analysis, and providing investment opportunities based on users' preferences.The tool is particularly useful for beginners or experienced investors who struggle with time or forget significant research before buying a cryptocurrency.

DYORAI simplifies the research process, enabling users to make quick and informed decisions. It offers a comprehensive research assistant that provides essential metrics and data, making it stand out from the competition.

Signup for beta is available, and the tool has a user-friendly interface.


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DYORAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive research assistance
Includes legitimacy check
Social media sentiment analysis
Data and metrics from multiple sources
True 'do your own research' experience
Deep token research
Provides investment opportunities
Ideal for beginners and experienced investors
Saves time in research process
User-friendly interface
Conducts sentimental analysis
Checks for community authenticity
Conducts fundamental analysis
Provides project owner info
Contracts security analysis
Identifies future events
Automated portfolio analysis
Suggests high-potential investment opportunities
Fast access to multiple platforms data
Identifies scams and bad projects
Helps evaluate coin quality and potential
Filters bot activity and inflation by bots
Bot vs real community feature


Beta only currently available
Dependent on external data sources
Broad but not specialized focus
Trust score could be subjective
Potentially overwhelming for new users
Reliant on user for final decision
Dependent on accurate contract address
No mentioned integration with trading platforms
Lack of clear error handling mechanism


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Can DYORAI help avoid cryptocurrency scams?
What sources does DYORAI use to gather information?
Does DYORAI provide a portfolio trust score?
How is the trust score in DYORAI calculated?
Does DYORAI offer investment recommendations?
Is DYORAI suitable for beginners in cryptocurrency investing?
Is there a beta version available for DYORAI?
How user-friendly is DYORAI?
How does DYORAI compare with other cryptocurrency research tools?
How does DYORAI's sentimental analysis work?
What is the DYORAI Smart AI portfolio trust score?
How does DYORAI suggest investment opportunities based on user preferences?
Can DYORAI evaluate the overall quality and potential of a coin?
Can DYORAI be used to conduct deep token research?
Can DYORAI help me with fundamental analysis for cryptocurrency projects?


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