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Bygustavo flores
Analyzing and verifying the least risky cryptocurrencies.
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Cryptogenius is a GPT that focuses on analyzing the cryptocurrency market. The objective of this tool is to verify and identify the cryptocurrencies that carry the least risk.

However, it is important to note that the findings provided by cryptogenius are not to be construed as investment recommendations. The creator of this tool is Gustavo Flores.

Utilizing this GPT requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus. Cryptogenius acts as an added layer or application on top of the ChatGPT framework. Once a user signs up, they are greeted with a welcome message.

For users who want to interact with Cryptogenius, a series of prompt starters guide them on how to kick off the conversation. These prompts can vary based on the needs of the client or the specific topic they want to explore within the cryptocurrency market.

Thus, cryptogenius provides analytical insights, driven by the power of AI, to sift through the complexities of cryptocurrency markets and present more digestible information to the user.


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