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Analyzing crypto's momentum excluding stablecoins
GPT welcome message: Bonjour! Prêt pour découvrir les cryptomonnaies prometteuses du jour, hors stablecoins?
Sample prompts:
Quelles sont les 10 cryptos les plus performantes sur les 7 derniers jours ?
Peux-tu analyser les cryptos avec le plus grand momentum cette semaine?
Quelles sont les 10 cryptos en forte tendance actuellement dans l'écosystème RWA ?
Y a-t-il des libérations de tokens à surveiller cette semaine?
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Crypto Momentum Analyst is a General Proposition Technology (GPT) that provides insights into dynamic evolutions occurring in the cryptocurrency market, with a particular emphasis on momentum.

The tool is designed to exclude stablecoins, focusing instead on cryptocurrencies that are exhibiting notable momentum. With the Crypto Momentum Analyst GPT, users can identify the most performing cryptocurrencies in a specific timeframe, and gain an understanding of the prevailing trends in the Real-World Assets (RWA) ecosystem.

In addition to market trends, this GPT can provide an analysis of prospective token releases that could be influential within a given week. This GPT can be helpful to cryptocurrency traders and investors looking for insights to guide their decision-making process.

Its use is based on prompting it with specific questions, like asking for the most performing cryptocurrencies over the last seven days or requesting an analysis of the cryptos with the most momentum for the current week.

Once the user poses a question, the GPT returns the relevant information, providing a user-friendly platform for obtaining actionable inputs in the realm of cryptocurrency investments.


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