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Sample prompts:
How did the Bitcoin do in the past year?
Which largely traded coins gained the most this month?
What is the current price of Dodgecoin?
Who did better YTD, Bitcoin or Solana?
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The GPT is a dedicated AI tool designed with the ability to provide users detailed and updated insights on cryptocurrency. Brought to you by, this GPT aims to act as a comprehensive digital guide to cater to all user queries around the complex realm of cryptocurrency.

The tool interfaces with the renowned ChatGPT technology platform to offer an interactive, spontaneous and precise conversational experience. It has been optimized to respond effectively to a wide range of cryptocurrency-related inquiries, as indicated by the prompt starters like querying about the past performance of Bitcoin, monthly trends of largely traded coins, the current price of specific cryptocurrencies like Dodgecoin, and a comparative year-to-date analysis of different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Solana.

It requires users to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription to access its features. Given the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market, the GPT could prove to be a valuable tool for novice investors, seasoned traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike looking for real-time data, trends and information.

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