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ByYao Fu
A supermodel for large language research brainstorming.
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Sample prompts:
Think about multimodal mixture of expert.
Think about connecting 100k H100s in a cluster.
What to do after using all commoncrawl data?
Let's talk about model parallelism
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LLM Research Storm is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) engineered to assist in robust ideation and brainstorming in relation to the field of large language models research.

This tool utilizes the underlying capabilities of ChatGPT in order to generate thoughtful and relevant discussion prompts and provoke innovative concepts and hypotheses.

The GPT benefits from its capacity to instigate thought-provoking and exploratory questions pertaining to diverse topics underneath broad language model research such as multimodal mixture of experts, the connecting of numerous H100s in a cluster, utilization of all commoncrawl data, as well as issues related to model parallelism.

LLM Research Storm could serve as a useful tool for researchers and scientists working in the language models domain and could potentially stimulate novel approaches and solutions to existing challenges.

Please note that this tool requires access to ChatGPT Plus to operate.


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LLM Research Storm was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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