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Creating variations of an interaction or feature without altering its main function.
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Ideator AI is a design and innovation tool shaped by artificial intelligence. It is particularly designed to assist in creating variations of an interaction or a feature while retaining its central functionality.

With its broad spectrum creativity levels from 'Traditional' to 'Wild', this tool allows users to explore and generate diverse design ideas. It's interactive and user-focused, requiring users to input their initial idea or feature into the system, after which it works to generate iterative versions of that design or feature.

The tool is still developing and promises to introduce a feature allowing users to pin any generated ideas for future reference. Ideator AI is a product of, a team that investigates the intersections of AI and user experience (UX) design.

Furthermore, the tool operates on the GPT4 technology, showcasing the potential for AI in the design process. It is also inspired by TextFX by Google, exhibiting how designers and innovators can leverage similar technologies.

This tool truly serves as a virtual platform where creativity meets technology, paving the way for future design innovations.


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Ideator AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 13th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Interactive design tool
User-focused approach
Creates design variations
Adjustable creativity levels
Promotes diverse design ideas
Future reference feature
Features GPT4 technology
Incorporates UX design
Influenced by Google's TextFX
Ideal for designers and innovators
Design without altering functionality
User input based tool
Part of
Potential for future innovations
Aligns creativity with technology
Iterative design generation
Facilitates technology integration
Open for user experimentation


Still in development phase
No feature to pin ideas
Limited creativity level settings
User input reliant
No provided usage tutorial
Limited characters for interaction input
Closely mimics Google's TextFX
Support via email only
Potentially restrictive constraints
Depends on GPT4 technology


What is the purpose of Ideator AI?
What does 'creativity levels from Traditional to Wild' actually mean in the context of Ideator AI?
How does Ideator AI assist in generating diverse design ideas?
How does the user interact with Ideator AI?
What does the process of generating iterative designs entail?
What does Ideator AI use GPT4 technology for?
When will the feature for pinning generated ideas be introduced in Ideator AI?
How does Ideator AI integrate the potential of AI in the design process?
What inspired the creation of Ideator AI?
What is the relevance of to Ideator AI?
What does the future referencing feature entail?
What is the role of user experience (UX) design in Ideator AI?
Is Ideator AI a usable product in its current development stage?
What kind of input does Ideator AI need to generate design ideas?
How does Ideator AI keep the central functionality while creating design variations?
What plans does Ideator AI have for future design innovations?
How does the idea generation process in Ideator AI work?
What is the 'innovation tool' aspect in Ideator AI?
How does Ideator AI showcase technology integration?
Who can benefit from using Ideator AI?

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