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Creator assistant for all things inventive
GPT welcome message: Greetings, creators! Ready to invent, design, or game? Share your vision!
Sample prompts:
How can we revolutionize this invention?
What art concept can we explore next?
Can you design a game based on this theme?
What unique design should we create today?
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IdeaFactoryGPT is a GPT intended to function as a creator assistant for a wide range of inventive endeavors, developed by Through this tool, users are invited to engage in the process of invention, design, and gaming by sharing their vision and having interactive discussions to brainstorm ideas.

The tool fosters exploration and innovation, prompting users with thought-provoking questions such as suggestions on how to revolutionize an invention, brainstorming art concepts, designing games based on a certain theme, or proposing new designs.

It aims to encourage creative thinking and assist in the development of unique, novel ideas. This GPT interacts with ChatGPT and requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

Based on the welcome message and the prompt starters provided, it can be inferred that the GPT is designed to be personal, interactive, and dynamic, ensuring that the brainstorming process is always engaging and inventive.

Overall, IdeaFactoryGPT could be a valuable asset for designers, game developers, artists, inventors, and innovators.


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