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Xplained simplifies complex topics using web sources.
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Xplained is an AI tool designed to offer easily comprehensible explanations to diverse topics based on web results. Leveraging the power of websources, it distills complex subjects into digestible content.

The tool's functional breadth extends to a wide variety of domains from fast fashion, international events to technological topics and more. User query input sparks an intelligent search across the web to gather relevant data.

Xplained then processes this information, removing fluff and unrequired complexity to deliver the crux of the topic. The explanations it generates could serve several types of users including researchers, students, or casual learners in need of concise, yet detailed information.

This tool signifies an experimental endeavor, spring boarding off prevalent innovative technology developed by notable tech organizations. Its aim is to turn complexity into simplicity, thus broadening user understanding of various subjects.

Looking past intricate jargon and superfluous details, Xplained provides directly relevant and effectively simplified information to user questions.


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Jan 25, 2024
Love it! I have the premium Perplexity version and see the similarities between these two. Both are very minimalistic and offer great insight thanks to search engines. The only thing I wonder, is, why is it free?
Jan 26, 2024
Thank you Laila for your positive feedback! I am glad that you find Xplained on par with Perplexity. I am providing free access to Xplained to reach more users and promote its adoption. This lets user enjoy benefits and help me gather feedback for improvements. I hope you keep finding value in Xplained. PS: Any kind of support is highly appreciated.

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Pros and Cons


Easily comprehensible explanations
Wide variety of domains
Intelligent web-based search
Removes unnecessary complexity
Multi-user utility
Turns complexity into simplicity
Serves diverse user needs
Effective simplification of information
Web-based research capabilities
Translates intricate jargon
Directly relevant responses
Explanations based on web findings
Answer generation capability
Broad user understanding
Supports online learning
Removes superfluous details
Ideal for casual learners
Employs innovative tech
Extensive domain breadth
Useful for researchers
Valuable for students
Text analysis capacity
User query processing
Designed for educational purposes
Simplifies complex topics
Data processing efficiency


Requires internet connection
Limited by web sources
Inaccuracies due to misinformation
Relies on user queries
Unpredictable output quality
Difficult to verify results
No offline usage
Subject to web censorship
Complex subjects oversimplified
Possible over-reliance on tech giants


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What is the ultimate aim of Xplained?
How does Xplained handle superfluous details or jargon?
What is the quality of the information Xplained provides?
Can Xplained provide explanations on fast fashion?
How does Xplained conduct web-based research?
How efficient is Xplained's data processing?
Can Xplained fulfil the purpose of an educational tool?
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Can Xplained provide information on international events?
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