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Simplifies quiz and test creation.
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MagicForm is an AI tool that simplifies the process of creating quizzes and tests. It allows users to generate quiz questions in seconds from any source of text, such as Wikipedia, PDF books, or the web.

Through its two-step process, users can copy and paste text into the app, enter the number of questions and the type of question, and then click generate.

MagicForm is suitable for teachers, students, HR teams, publishers, edtech companies, and anyone who wants to quickly and easily create quizzes and tests.

It is free to install and does not require a credit card or license key. Support is provided for issues with installation, licensing, and usage, and does not include customization or custom new features.

MagicForm is licensed on a per-user basis and can be used on any computer as long as the user is signed in with the same email address. The company does not look at or share customer data and only saves essential info required to make the extension work.

It is easy to get started as users only need to install MagicForm from the Google Forms Add-ons.


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Pros and Cons


Generates quiz from any text
One-click quiz creation
Choice of question types
For teachers, students, HR
No credit card required
Free to install
Support for installation issues
User-based licensing
No customer data sharing
Works on any computer
Integrated with Google Forms
User-defined question count
Saves on time and money
Suitable for ed-tech companies
Helpful for assessment creation
HR policy compliance tests
New exams for teachers
Quizzes from Wikipedia, web
Direct upgrade on purchase
No license key required
Essential data saving only


No offline capability
Limited to Google Forms
Requires Google Account
No custom new features
No multi-language support
Quiz quality dependent on source
No multi-user licensing
Not suitable for complex exams
No included customization support
Limited question type options


What is MagicForm and what is its main function?
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Does MagicForm require a credit card or license key for installation?
Can MagicForm be used on any computer?
How does the licensing system of MagicForm work?
What type of support does MagicForm offer to its users?
What type of information does MagicForm save from users?
How can someone get started with MagicForm?
Can MagicForm generate questions for quizzes of any topic?
Can HR teams use MagicForm to create assessments from compliance documents?
What does a user actually receive after purchasing a MagicForm license?
Can someone else order the MagicForm license on my behalf?
What is the definition of a 'user' in terms of MagicForm pricing?
Does MagicForm look at or share my data?
What type of questions can I create using MagicForm?
How does MagicForm integrate with Google Forms?
What are the steps to generate a quiz with MagicForm?
Can I use MagicForm for commercial purposes such as publishing?
How does MagicForm help school teachers in creating new question sets?

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