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Ace your studies with Atlas, the trusted AI copilot.
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Atlas is an AI-based assistant designed to help students improve in their academic performances by providing support based on their course materials. The tool is designed to act as a copilot for students, not only assisting with academic tasks but also aiming to reduce the stress often associated with studying and course work.

Atlas is adept at a range of tasks including homework assistance, studying support, writing aid, review and summarization. This AI assistance extends to a variety of subjects, as seen in examples involving economics, sociology, business administration, writing skills and more.

Besides providing answers to specific coursework problems, it is also capable of creating tailored study guides and offering key insights for coursework texts and narratives on missed lecture content.

Its functions also include assisting in creating drafts for specific assignments, offering insightful analyses on case studies, and helping provide quick summaries on readings.

Atlas' range of capabilities, accuracy, and its training based on personal class materials make it a comprehensive AI assistant for students across divergent fields of study.


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May 30, 2024
Good Job! Absolutely love it!! But since today i can't get accsess anymore "Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information)." What happened? Bring it back pls :)
May 21, 2024
Big fan of Atlas, especially for school! It’s like having an AI co-pilot that’s always got your back. What I love most is how it’s trained on my actual course materials. Whether it's lectures, textbooks, readings, homework, or tests, Atlas digs into everything and gives me specific answers that make sense.
May 21, 2024
So helpful!!!

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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple subjects
Reduces stress
Helps with homework
Aid in studying
Assists in writing tasks
Reviews and summarizes material
Creates tailored study guides
Provides insights on missed lectures
Assists with draft creation
Analyzes case studies
Creates summaries fast
Trained on personal class materials
Free to access
Higher score achievement
Digests ACAD lectures
Learning memory feature
Outperforms other assistants
High performance ranking
Popular among top schools
Connects the dots in learning
Simple uploads
Recognizes textbooks and lectures
Saves time
Improves understanding of concepts
Understands course materials fast
Facilitates all school majors
Works with classmates
Remembers studied materials
Offers a comprehensive academic assistance


Manual upload of class materials
Might not understand complex concepts
Limited subject coverage
Inaccurate with nuanced information
Requires classmate participation
Varying quality of response
Relies on lecture content
Dependent on course material accuracy
No offline functionality


What subjects can Atlas assist with?
Can Atlas provide support for homework tasks?
How does Atlas help with writing tasks?
What type of study aids does Atlas provide?
How can Atlas assist with course reviews and summarizations?
Is Atlas able to create tailored study guides?
Can Atlas provide insights for missed lecture content?
How does Atlas assist with drafting assignment tasks?
Is Atlas capable of analyzing case studies?
Can Atlas provide a quick summary of readings?
How is Atlas trained to become more accurate?
Can Atlas be used across different fields of study?
Is Atlas designed to assist with stress reduction?
How does Atlas offer coursework assistance?
Is Atlas free to access?
How does Atlas help with improving academic performance?
Does Atlas provide insights based on personal class materials?
How does Atlas keep track of course lectures, textbooks, and tests?
How is Atlas able to generate answers based on course materials?
What is the success rate among students using Atlas?

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