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The Convert Youtube to Quiz tool is a convenient online tool that allows users to easily convert a YouTube video into a quiz format. With just a single click, users can input the YouTube link and the tool will convert it into a quiz for free.

The tool offers a user-friendly interface, making the process quick and simple.The tool also provides other useful features, such as the ability to create quizzes from various sources including topics, URLs, and PDF documents.

This offers flexibility and caters to different user needs.It is important to note that the tool supports Google Sign-In, allowing users to easily access their Google accounts for seamless integration and authentication.The tool is provided by SheetAI App, a company that specializes in AI quiz tools.

They also offer other AI solutions, including the use of AI in Google Sheets and the creation of presentation slides with AI.The website provides a setup guide for users to get started with the tool and also includes information on pricing.

Additionally, users can find support through the provided support link and learn more about the company and its offerings through the "About" section.In summary, the Convert Youtube to Quiz tool simplifies the process of converting YouTube videos into quizzes, offering convenience and flexibility for users looking to create engaging and interactive quizzes.


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