Medical tutor 2023-10-16
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Optimizing revision for caregivers with interactive quizzes.
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Sample prompts:
Propose des QCM de Cardiologie pour infirmier
Propose des QCM de Néphrologie pour Interne
Propose des QCM sur la glomérulonéphrite pour interne de spécialité
Propose des QCM de biochimie pour un étudiant en première année de médecine
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Sclpios I.A : Rviser QCM is a GPT designed to optimize revision for caregivers through interactive Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). It transforms the learning process into an engaging and effective activity tailored to the medical field.

This tool helps its users by providing them with MCQs relevant to various aspects of medical education. The users, ranging from first-year medical students to specialty interns and nurses, can expect prompt starters such as Cardiology for nurses, Nephrology for interns, Glomerulonephritis for specialty interns, and biochemistry for first-year medical students.

This interactive approach facilitates the learning process and makes revision more compelling. Sclpios I.A : Rviser QCM offers these services via the website '', requiring sign up for usage.

Benefiting from the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT, this GPT delivers content adjustments according to individual learning needs, encouraging a more personalised educational experience.

Please note, using this tool requires access to ChatGPT Plus.


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