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ByEscapebox, kreativne rešitve d.o.o.
Art quiz game with famous paintings, trivia, and scoring.
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Art Quiz Game is a GPT designed to test and expand players' knowledge of famous paintings and art history trivia. This game engages users by presenting them with a series of questions or trivia about renowned works of art and offers a scoring system to keep track of the players' progress and mastery level.

Each session begins with a welcome message and invites players to start the game or review the rules. As a GPT, it requires the underlying capacity of ChatGPT to function, leveraging its natural language processing capabilities to understand player responses and provide relevant, contextual replies.

Created by Escapebox, kreativne reitve d.o.o., Art Quiz Game combines the worlds of art, history, and AI technology, providing an interactive and educational tool that is accessible to everyone.

However, to play Art Quiz Game, users are required to sign up and it necessitates a subscription to ChatGPT Plus. This game can serve as both an enjoyable pastime and a means of broadening one's proficiency in the vast sphere of art history.


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